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All command required: k [radio]

Example: k aewen1

Check Current Song for Each Radio

k current [radio]

Example: k current aewen1

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KPOP | Drama & Movie OST

    Command Status Current Song Feature
    k aewen1
    k aewen2
    k aewen3
    k bamm
    k kpop3
    k ktiger
    k omgkpop
    k replay
    k kpop1
    k kpop2
    k kpop100

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JPOP | Anime OST

    Command Status Current Song Feature
    k eden
    k extremeanime
    k foreveranime
    k waveanime
    k sakura
    k dream
    k power1
    k power2
    k power3
    k power4
    k project1
    k anime
    k power4
    k project2

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Billboard | Classical | Jazz | Hip Hop

    Command Status Current Song Feature
    k abc
    k blues
    k king
    k onelove

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